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I needed a garage door since my house just went through a renovation. It’s hard to find a good garage door repair company, so it was a good thing that my friend recommended this family business to me. Their customer service is informative and quick. Upon reaching my house, they started unpacking. To be honest, I was a little concerned about my belongings, since the repair men would be working for the whole day. As such, I was relieved that everything was in place as soon as they finished and that the work they did was spot on. The bill they handed over was reasonable, considering all the works they’ve done. I was expecting a bigger bill and I am happy that it didn’t meet my expectations. Good job to them! My garage door is still working perfectly.

Robert Jeter

It was great that I stumbled upon this company, given my experience before. I have been a victim of petty robbery. I’ve grown cynical for years and was able to do the repairs on my own. However, some problems just won’t go away no matter what I do. I decided to seek professional help, and so I found this company. The initial discussion was informative and they managed to gain my trust. When they started working with my garage door to fix the panels, I kept a close eye while they worked. However, they were diligent with what they did, and their gadgets were up to date. This was really a good company to commission. The fee was also reasonable.

Erica Cha

My garage door wouldn’t open fully, and I kept hearing a metal grinding noise. It was starting to get on my nerves, so I asked for assistance. Upon stating my concern, the person I was speaking to was able to identify the problem immediately. They deployed a team to check the problem exactly an hour after the call. To my surprise, the garage door’s spring was about to break and the panels could come crashing down anytime. However, the repair team managed to remedy the problem and easily replaced all of the out-dated parts. Some of the staff even taught me an easy way of properly lubricating the grooves and pulley mechanism. Now, my garage door operates smoothly without making those annoying sounds. The repair men promised to come back for maintenance.

Dawn Thomas

I had an emergency, and my garage door won’t open. I really needed to get my car into the garage. I was able to call this company’s number to ask if they were still open at 3am in the morning. After 3 rings, a man answered and I managed to ask for an emergency troubleshoot of my opener. There were a total of three people who arrived after 20 minutes. They fixed the jammed cable for the pulley to move, and I was able to park my car inside my garage after only 15 minutes. They also did a quick inspection to check for other damages. They promised to come back first thing in the morning to conduct a full inspection. Truly a reliable company.

Thomas Davis

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