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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you think your company is better than other companies?

Yes, we believe that our company is the best in this kind of job because we always value quality in our services. We always try to maintain the philosophy that “customers are always right.” Thus, we will try to never fail in delivering what our clients or customers ask from us.

Can we contact you virtually just in case we need your services?

Yes, we would love to hear from you. If you need our services, you may go to our website and click the “Contact” button. Also, you may call us through this hotline, or you can send us an email at [email protected].

How can I tell if I need to replace my garage door with a new one?

In the event that the garage door does not work as expected, it can mean that it already needs to be replaced. Try not to attempt to fix the door by yourself; instead, contact us because we will do all of it for you.

Can you help your customers choose the appropriate garage door?

Yes, we love to help our customers.  We will help you choose the garage door based on the style that you want and based on what  will complement the color and style of your home, as well as the level of maintenance, the materials used, and of course the price that you can afford.

How can the customers assure or check that your company is the best in your job?

You can check our website for legit testimonials from our previous clients. Also, if you know someone that became our client, then you can ask them. We have provided services for many in the community, so you can try to check your neighborhood and ask about how they found our services.

Does the garage door have a warranty just in case it breaks within a day or a period of time?

Yes, we offer a warranty just in case the garage door breaks after a day, up to 30 days. The clients do not need to worry about additional fees because we are giving this for free as a way of apologizing for and rectifying the situation.

Are your garage doors very expensive or do you also offer cheaper ones?

Our company offers a variety of garage doors, depending on what the client wants and what they can afford. We always look into some considerations. We always try to explain to the clients what the different kinds of doors are. However, though there are doors that are less expensive, we can assure our clients that these are still durable and are reliable in securing their home.

Do the garage doors that you offer have slide bolt locks or manual locks?

Yes, all of our doors can be locked for additional safety for your home. Actually, there are doors that you can even manually lock using slide bolt locks or manual padlocks, which are also available in our store or from other local stores in Tempe AZ.

Are the DIY garage door repair information posted online reliable?

Some are while others are not. It depends on how legit the reference is. However, we always recommend contacting professional fixers to do the fixing for you. Hence, you may contact our company for reliable and excellent services.

Should I replace the all parts of the garage door if only a part was damaged?

You only need to buy the parts that are damaged–for example, the spring. What’s good about our company is that we do not try to tempt our customers to buy more items just so we can make more sales; instead, we check everything so that we can determine the parts that can still be used and those that need to be replaced.

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